Tom Reynolds is a Brighton based session guitarist specialising in working closely with artists and producers to write emotive, suitable parts and create memorable hooks for their track. He is predominantly a blues player but draws inspiration from Indie-rock, Neo-soul, funk, jazz and folk which ensures a good level of versatility and creativity which comes through in his playing and composing.

He has a wealth of professional experience both playing in live settings with various bands and studio sessions having to write and record parts on the spot. His highlights include supporting Kate Nash in 2016 and currently playing regularly as part of the BIMM Brighton house band. He continues to work with various artists and bands playing many different styles and crafting well thought out, developed parts for original songs. As well as this, dep and function work remain an important part of his career.

Tom plans to continue to grow his career as a session player in the future and to tour and record with successful artists. He will also continue writing and recording with his band, The Contingency Project. For any queries please email